Best answer: Are there oak trees in Thailand?

THAILAND – Chinese and Thai biologists say they have discovered a new stone oak tree species in Thailand. … More than 300 species of stone oak are known from eastern India to Japan and the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea.

What countries do oak trees grow in?

European Oak (Quercus petraea) trees grow across Europe though France, Germany Croatia, Poland and many more countries and is one of the dominant species on the planet. Through travel and distribution European Oaks have been growing in Asia Minor and Northern Africa.

Where are there no oak trees?

Only 3 states have no native oaks. Alaska has none because it’s too cold, Hawaii has none because it’s biologically isolated, and Idaho has none due to the dry, cold climate (though neighboring Montana, which is also a dry, cold climate, does barely contain the native range of the drought and cold hardy bur oak).

How old is the oldest tree in Thailand?

In this table of age estimates and measurements in Thailand are shown.


Nr 1
Tree species Tamarindus indica (Tamarind)
Age 1021 ± 500 y
Location Wat Knae , 191 Somphan Kong Rd, Tambon Tapeeliang, Suphan Buri

Is it illegal to own a monkey in Thailand?

A provision in Thai law permitted individuals to possess as many as two primates or other wild animais of the same species – « a potential pair to promote breeding » – even though their capture and sale was prohibited.

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Why are oak trees sacred?

The Celts believed oaks to be sacred because of their size, durability, and nourishing acorns. The Celts named the oak the King of Trees and used the oak tree during many rituals. They made magic wands from oak wood and gathered acorns at night because they believed this would bring great fertility.

What is the lifespan of an oak tree?

Lifespans of Common Trees in Virginia

Common Name Scientific Name Average Lifespan
Oak, Live Quercus virginiana 200
Oak, Northern Red Quercus rubra 200
Oak, Overcup Quercus lyrata 300
Oak, Pin Quercus palustris 100

What is so special about oak trees?

Wood of oak is very strong and hard. It is used in the manufacture of ships, furniture, floorings and Yamaha drums. Oak is also used in the manufacture of barrels for storing of vine, whiskey, brandy and other liquors. Oak wood adds special aroma to these beverages.

Who eats oak trees?

Bears, muledeer, and about two dozen species of birds eat acorns. Scrub jay, magpies, wood ducks, wild turkeys, mountain quail, flickers and acorn woodpeckers all depend on oaks for food. Insects also feed on leaves, twigs, acorns, bark and wood of oak trees.

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