Best answer: Can foreigners get credit card in Indonesia?

Each bank has its own requirements for issuing credit cards to expatriates, and they vary widely! Some banks will offer you a card even without having any account in their bank. … Many expats, however, just continue to use their foreign issued card which is widely accepted in Indonesia.

Can a foreigner open a bank account in Indonesia?

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for a foreigner to open a bank account in Indonesia without a residence permit. To obtain a residency permit like KITAS, you have to wait for over six months including the submission of your application.

How can I get a credit card in Indonesia?

Basic term and requirement for getting a credit card in Jakarta:

  1. At least 21 years old with secured income (having a secured job)
  2. ID CARD (KTP)
  3. Fill in the form requirements issued by the bank or financial institutions.

Do people use credit cards in Indonesia?

Using Credit Cards in Indonesia

Most major credit cards are accepted with Visa and MasterCard being the most widely so. AmEx is also accepted in a few places in the major tourist areas, but will not be quite as useful.

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Can I get a credit card from a foreign bank?

Foreign banks also issue credit cards. You can begin to cultivate a good credit score in a foreign country by looking at cards offered by the local banks there.

Which bank is best in Indonesia?

Bank DBS Indonesia was named the Best Trade Finance Provider 2021 in Indonesia by the world’s leading financial magazine, Global Finance.

Can Tourist open bank account in Bali?

A foreigner without a permanent or temporary residency can open a limited balance tourist account. This is a bank account that caters to expats and tourists visiting Indonesia for a short and limited period of time.

What is the best credit card in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s Best Travel Credit Card!

  • Summary.
  • CIMB Infinite.
  • Standard Chartered WorldMiles.
  • UOB PRVI Miles.
  • CitiPremier Miles. The CitiPremier card might be relatively high in the per mile value category, with Rp 8.750 per mile domestically and Rp 5.000 per mile internationally. …
  • HSBC Premier.
  • HSBC Signature.

What kind of card does Indonesia use?

The most widely accepted card in all merchants in Indonesia is Visa and Mastercard. There will be instances where stores may not display the symbols of the cards they accept. Be sure to check with the salesperson in the store prior to using your card if your card is acceptable or not.

Is HSBC credit card Visa or Mastercard?

We now issue Visa as our standard credit card. Shortly before the expiry of your current Mastercard©, you will receive a replacement Visa Credit Card.

Do I need cash in Bali?

Cash is still an important form of payment in Bali. So make sure you carry enough with you to pay for your small shopping, transportation and food & drinks. The 100,000 bills are only useful if you intend to buy a high-priced item or spend a lot of money at the same place.

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Can you use US dollars in Bali?

Are US Dollars accepted in Bali? US dollars are not generally accepted at Balinese businesses. Some larger hotels and tour operators may accept US Dollars as payment but the exchange rate will be terrible, so I don’t recommend using them to exchange your foreign currency if it can be helped.

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