Best answer: How do I apply for a travel pass in Malaysia?

Do I need to apply my travel pass to exit Malaysia?

Applicants who wish to exit the country DO NOT need to apply for permission to leave the country. If the Applicant gives incorrect / inaccurate information, amendment cannot be made and applicant has to re-apply the application.

How long does a My Travel Pass take?

2. Complete applications with the necessary supporting documents will be processed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia within five (5) working days, after which the applicant will be informed via email on the status of their application.

How can I get entry pass for Malaysia?


  1. Application in prescribe form must be submitted to Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  2. Application must be made in Malaysia.
  3. Requires personalised cover letter.
  4. Upon submission of application, applicant is required to be interviewed by the Immigration Department subject to Police Vetting.

What is MTP approval?

MTP (approval) will be issued (via e-mail) 72 hours before departure date. Travellers must check-in MySejahtera mobile application upon arrival at respective point of entry. Traveller to present passport and MTP Approval during immigration clearance at point of entry.

How long is Malaysia quarantine?

Travelers arriving to Malaysia from the United States and most other countries must provide the results of a COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test taken within three days of departure, quarantine at the assigned quarantine location for 14 days, and undergo a second COVID sample screening on the 10th day of quarantine.

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Can Singaporean travel to Malaysia now?

Singaporeans can generally visit Malaysia without a visa. As visa requirements can change at short notice, we advise you to contact your travel agency, or the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore for up-to-date information.

How can I get PR in Malaysia?

How to apply to become Permanent Resident (PR) in Malaysia

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Letter of approval from the relevant agencies.
  3. Personalised cover letter.
  4. 2 copies of Form IMM.12.
  5. Form IMM.38 if relevant to your application.
  6. Marriage certificate or birth certificate if applying as a spouse or dependant.
  7. 2 passport-size photographs.

Do I need to apply to enter Malaysia?

Applicants must apply permission to enter Malaysia with all the required attachments .

What is myPASS Malaysia?

myPASS – Malaysia Personal Travel Note Application. High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore.

How much is quarantine in Malaysia?

QUARANTINE CHARGES IN MALAYSIA FOR MALAYSIANS AND ELIGIBLE NON-MALAYSIANS. In relation to Covid-19, effective 1 June 2020, Malaysians returning to Malaysia from abroad are required to pay RM1,050.00 for the mandatory 14-day quarantine at a designated quarantine centre.

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