Best answer: What are the causes of biodiversity loss in the Philippines?

The direct causes of forest cover loss in the Philippines are over-harvesting and habitat alteration. The major proximate causes of primary forest loss are commercial logging, community logging, kaingin (slash and burn agriculture), and conversion of forest lands to other uses.

What are the 4 major causes of biodiversity loss?

Four causes of loss of biodiversity are-

Habitat loss and degradation: Habitat loss and degradation includes the existing natural habitat of life inhabited in that particular area. This inturn reduced the food resources and living space for many species which resulted in their death and decline.

What are the biodiversity issues in the Philippines?

Major threats to inland water biodiversity, as well as marine and coastal environments, include chemical pollution and eutrophication, fisheries operations, habitat alteration, invasion of alien species and global climate change.

What are the 7 major threats to biodiversity loss?

Human Activities and Loss of Habitat, 2. Deforestation, 3. Desertification, 4. Marine Environment, 5.

What are the two major causes of loss of biodiversity?

Reason for Loss of Biodiversity

  • Habitat destruction. Habitat destruction is a major cause of biodiversity loss. …
  • Invasive Species. …
  • Over-exploitation of Species. …
  • Global Warming and Climate Change. …
  • Pollution. …
  • Human Overpopulation. …
  • Natural Calamities. …
  • Genetic Pollution.
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How can we prevent loss of biodiversity?

Leave critical wildlife habitat undisturbed, especially nesting and denning sites. Promote wildlife use by setting up bird and bat houses. Eradicate and control introduced weeds on your property. Keep vehicles on main roads to reduce the spread of weeds and disturbance to wildlife.

What are the 5 major causes of biodiversity loss class 12?

Causes for Loss of Biodiversity

  • Habitat loss and fragmentation.
  • Over-exploitation.
  • Alien species invasions.
  • Co-extinctions.

What is the greatest cause of biodiversity loss?

What are a few major causes of biodiversity loss? Habitat alteration-every human activity can alter the habitat of the organisms around us. Farming, grazing, agriculture, clearing of forests, etc. This is the greatest cause of biodiversity loss today.

Can we still recover the lost biodiversity?

Yes, we can recover it.

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