Best answer: What country colonized Vietnam before WWII?

1858 – France takes control of Vietnam making it a French colony. 1893 – Vietnam becomes part of French Indochina.

What countries colonized Vietnam?

The French colonized Vietnam in the mid-1800s, and over the next century exploited the land and forced the people into indentured servitude. It was during this time that Ho Chi Minh began using the banners of communism and nationalism to unite Vietnam’s people.

What European nation colonized Vietnam before WWII?

France remained the conquering power of Vietnam until after World War 2. answered Feb 10, 2015 by pretty_boy9029 The communist Soviet Union backed The United States backed 4.

What was happening in Vietnam before the war?

Before World War Two Vietnam had been part of the French Empire. During World War Two it had been invaded by Japan. Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the Vietminh, a resistance army which fought for Vietnamese independence. After World War Two Ho Chi Minh captured Hanoi in 1945 and declared Vietnam independent.

Is Vietnam conquered by China?

Emperor Han Wudi successfully conquered Nanyue(Vietnam) and adjoined it to the Han sovereignty. … In 43 A.D., China began its second domination conquest of Vietnam. Around this time, the Han Dynasty conquered the southern region and named it Jiaozhi. Jiaozhi was the Northern part of Vietnam (South China) of the period.

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