Can I still use old Malaysian Ringgit?

Don’t worry, Malaysia old series banknotes are still legal or can be use in your daily transaction. You don’t need to rush and change your coin or banknote to the nearest bank. The new 3rd series Malaysia coin has been released for general circulation on 16 January 2012. … All the coins are still legal tender.

What is the value of old Malaysian Ringgit?

With the coins no longer being used, some of the coins have managed to developed a higher value due to its collectible value. According to a website called Malaysian Coin some of these 1 sen coins are worth from RM2 to as much as RM1,800 depending on year and condition.

Is Malaysian ringgit a restricted currency?

MYR – Malaysian Ringgit

MYR is considered to be a restricted currency, which implies an inherent limitation to the tradability of this currency. Fund transfers in this currency are not allowed outside of Malaysia.

How can I sell my old Malaysian money?

Those with rare banknotes and coins can look for buyers easily through community marketplaces on Facebook or even on apps like Carousell. Many people have also put up their rare monies for sale online on sites such as or eBay, or sell them in person at popular flea markets.

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Where can I sell my old Malaysian notes?

You don’t need to sell old Malaysian paper money.

  • The fastest way is to approach dealers specializing in collectors’ items, in this case old money. …
  • Sell them online like through ebay, facebook, etc.
  • Attend numismatic exhibitions/fest that may be held from time to time in the major cities in the country.

Can you sell old money?

It sounds strange, sell old US dollars to get new US dollars. But, this is perfectly normal in the old money collectible market. … For this reason you can sell old paper notes, bank notes and silver certificates to convert them into todays’ new money.

What are old notes worth?

How Much Are Old Singapore Notes Worth?

Old Singapore Notes Malaya and British Borneo Board of Commissioners of Currency Notes (1953 – 1967) Ship Series Singapore Currency Notes (1984 – 1999)
Face Value $10 (ignoring conversion rates) $170
Market Value $1,068 $200
Appreciation in Value 10,580% 17%

Is Rub a restricted currency?

Some of the other reasons why there is currency restriction include: Avoiding devaluation in the currency. Avoiding capital flight, e.g. China.

List of Restricted Currencies 2021.

Country Restricted Currency
Russia Russian ruble (RUB)
South Africa South African Rand (ZAR)
Sudan Sudanese pound (SDG)

How much cash can I take to Malaysia?

Allowed: local currency (Malaysian Ringgit-MYR): up to MYR 30,000. – and foreign currencies: up to USD 10,000. – or equivalent. Higher amounts may be exported if import has been declared upon arrival.

How do I sell my old money?

Step 1: Open the homepage of websites where you want to sell your old note. You can visit Ebay, Click India etc. Step 2: For selling the note online in an auction, you have to click the photo of the currency note having 12345 or 123456 digits on it. Step 3: Register yourself as a seller on the bidding website.

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What can I do with old money?

If you have a UK bank account, the simplest and quickest way to exchange your notes will normally be to deposit them with your bank. The Post Office Opens in a new window may also accept withdrawn notes as payment for goods and services, or as a deposit into any bank account you can access with them.

How do I sell my old coins?

Step 1: Visit the official website which facilitates buyers and sellers to trade directly. Step 3: Click a picture of your coin, and put it for sale on the website. Step 4: Talk to interested buyers who will contact you. If you have a rare coin, then you have the chance to earn a good amount of money.

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