How can I get pep in Singapore?

How do I hire pep?

You can hire a Personalised Employment Pass ( PEP ) holder the same way you would hire a Singapore citizen or PR, as long as your company hasn’t been restricted by MOM against employing foreigners on a work pass. If you’ve hired, or have ceased to employ a PEP holder, inform us by: Completing the PEP notification form.

How much is PEP Singapore?

The approximate cost of PEP treatment at the DSC Clinic ranges from $400-$800.

​Type of Exposure ​ Estimated risk of HIV transmission from a known HIV-positive individual not on ART
​Receptive vaginal sex ​1 in 1000
​Insertive vaginal sex ​1 in 1219
​Performing oral sex < 1 in 10,000
​Receiving oral sex ​< 1 in 10,000

Can a PEP holder work in Singapore?

The PEP is not linked to a specific employer; as a result, the PEP holder can switch jobs in Singapore. However, the PEP holder must not be unemployed for longer than six months at a stretch.

Is Pep renewable?

The PEP is issued for a three-year period and is non-renewable.

What is PEP pass?

A Singapore Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is a special type of employment pass that is not linked to a specific employer. PEPs are meant for highly qualified individuals who wish to work in Singapore.

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How expensive is PEP?

PEP costs between $600 and $1,000. For best results, you have to take every dose of every PEP medication. Missing doses could mean that you develop HIV infection.

How long does PEP last?

You take PEP 1-2 times a day for at least 28 days. The medicines used in PEP are called antiretroviral medications (ART). These medicines work by stopping HIV from spreading through your body.

Can foreigners do freelance in Singapore?

In Singapore, you can only be legally self-employed if you’re a permanent resident or citizen. … Foreigners are not allowed to work without a Work Permit, Employment Pass, or S Pass. With that said, you have two options to get around this, including setting up a local business or applying for an Entrepass.

What is work permit Singapore?

The Work Permit is a work pass that allows foreign unskilled labor force from approved Asian countries to pursue employment in Singapore’s booming and promising niches such as services, construction, manufacturing, marine, process and so on.

What happens when Pep expires?

Note: If your PEP is expiring, you will need to get an Employment Pass or S Pass to continue working in Singapore. You do not have to cancel the existing PEP for your employer to apply for the new pass.

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