How do I register my car in Malaysia?

To register an imported or locally purchased car in Malaysia, you must complete the registration process with the Malaysian Road Transport Department and then you’ll be issued a number plate. In order to complete registration, you’ll need the following documents: PUSPAKOM inspection document. Identification documents.

How much does it cost to register a car in Malaysia?

For cars, the new fee is RM200 (from RM100) for Peninsular and RM120 (from RM40) for East Malaysia. However, ownership transferral for foreigners with disabilities remains free of charge. Lastly, driver’s license fees.

What documents should I get when buying a car from dealer Malaysia?


  • Copy of IC/Passport;
  • Copy of valid driving license.
  • The latest 3 months payslips.
  • The latest 3 months bank statements reflecting credit.
  • Income tax/Employees Provident Fund (EPF) statement.

Can foreigner own car in Malaysia?

Property: Yes you can. In Johor, for foreigner, minimum property price is RM1mil. Loan is available for apply but not at 90% as most of the Malaysian entitled. Yes, Singaporeans can buy cars/bikes in malaysia.

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How do I pay my VEP fee?

You can pay VEP fees and extend VEP via AXS by Singapore-issued ATM card or Singapore-issued credit card. If you recently extended your VEP and paid your VEP fees, you can only carry out the next VEP extension and payment via AXS 2 days before its next expiry.

How do I transfer ownership of a car in Malaysia?

Fill in the Borang JPJ K3 at a JPJ office

When you go to your nearest JPJ branch, take your borang(s) from Puspakom and your IC with you. You’ll need to fill their borang K3 once you’re there, which is the form for change in ownership of a vehicle.

Can I bring my car back to Malaysia?

Insurance on the vehicle for at least 9 months must be in the name of the person returning home. The owner/driver should have a valid driver’s licence (a provisional licence holder will not be allowed to take a car back to Malaysia)

Is it cheaper to import a car from Japan?

Well, that is absolutely true. When you are buying a car directly from Japan, you do not have to pay even a single penny of import tax. Aside from that, all the taxes related to used automobiles are relatively lower than what other countries require.

What is AP Malaysia car?

Companies that hold existing allocation of Approved Permit (AP) for Completely Built-Up (CBU) motor vehicles.

What do I need to pay for when buying a car?

What you’ll pay after you buy your car

  1. Compulsory third party insurance (CTP) Prices vary depending on your age, type of car and state, but you must pay for compulsory third party insurance to register the vehicle. …
  2. Stamp duty. Stamp duty is charged by the state in which the car is registered. …
  3. Dealer-delivery costs. …
  4. Petrol.
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Can Expats get car loans in Malaysia?

With a valid visa and a decent credit rating, most expats are able to get loans from a Malaysian bank. The requirements are similar to those of a loan from an American institution. For an expat to apply for a loan, they should make sure they have these documents: Photocopy of passport.

Which car is best in Malaysia?

The top car brands are. Get technical information, user review, and road test of the most searched cars in the Malaysia.

Popular Cars of 2021.

Model Price List
Perodua Axia RM 23,367 – RM 41,427
Mazda CX-5 RM 132,000 – RM 174,000
Proton X50 RM 79,200 – RM 103,300
Lamborghini Urus RM 1 Million

How can I live in Malaysia permanently?

Malaysia offers a point-based system for permanent residency, in which applicants must score at least a 65 out of a possible 120 and also have a sponsor. Categories for obtaining points include salary, age, work experience, language proficiency, investment, time living in Malaysia, etc.

How much does it cost for Malaysia car to enter Singapore?

1. SGD$6.40 (RM20) entry fee for foreign-registered car starting on 15 February 2017 when enter Singapore either Woodlands or Tuas Checkpoints. 2. RM20 (SGD$6.60) entry fee for Singapore vehicles starting on 1 November 2016 when enter Malaysia either via Johor Bahru or Second Link Checkpoints.

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