How do Indonesians travel from island to island?

Ferries form the backbone of inter-island travel in Indonesia, with regular ferries connect neighbouring islands like Sumatra and Java, and Bali and Lombok. The state-run Pelni ( is the largest ferry company and has passenger liners serving all main ports across the archipelago.

How do Indonesians travel between islands?

The country’s major cities and remote island locales are well connected via domestic air service from other carriers as well, including Lion Air and AirAsia. While there are ferries between Indonesia’s main islands, flying is almost always the faster and more reliable way to cover distances of any note.

How do people move around in Indonesia?

Local Transport

  • Becak. These are three-wheeled carts, either pedal- or motor-powered. …
  • Bus. Large buses aren’t used much as a means of city transport except on Java. …
  • Dokar. A dokar is the jingling, horse-drawn, two-wheeled cart found throughout the archipelago, including tourist areas. …
  • Minibus. …
  • Ojek. …
  • Private Cars. …
  • Taxi.

Are Indonesian islands connected?

Because Indonesia encompasses a sprawling archipelago, maritime shipping provides essential links between different parts of the country. … There are also international ferry services between across the Straits of Malacca between Sumatra and Malaysia, and between Singapore and nearby Indonesian islands, such as Batam.

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What is the main transportation in Indonesia?

For most parts of the country, Indonesia relies heavily on water ferries and taxis for transportation. There are several companies offering ferry services between islands, ASDP and PELNI being the largest. Just about every inhabited island can be reached via ferry, but this can sometimes be more arduous than enjoyable.

How Safe Is Bali?

Yes, Bali is safe for families and is a popular tourist destination for them because of its well-established tourist facilities and attractions for all ages. Taxis and private drivers are the safest ways to get around and they’re affordable.

Is Bali easy to get around?

Renting a car is easy and affordable, but driving around Bali is difficult with its traffic, its drivers and unclear signage. … Rental agencies, such as Hertz, Sixt, Avis and Budget, are located in many resort towns and at Ngurah Rai International Airport. Taxi. Travelers have had a mixed bag of fortunes with taxis.

Who is the most famous person in Indonesia?

The most Indonesian celebrity of all, at around one million years old, is Pithecanthropus, also known as Java Man.

What is the largest island completely within Indonesia?

The largest islands are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), Sulawesi, and the Indonesian part of New Guinea (known as Papua or Irian Jaya).

Facts & Figures.

Location : Southeastern Asia, archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean
Capital City : Jakarta
Official Language Bahasa Indonesia

Is Borneo a part of Indonesia?

Covering an area of roughly 287,000 square miles, Borneo is the third-largest island in the world. It is divided into four political regions: Kalimantan belongs to Indonesia; Sabah and Sarawak are part of Malaysia; a small remaining region comprises the sultanate of Brunei.

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