How long was Japan in Indonesia?

The Japanese occupied the archipelago in order, like their Portuguese and Dutch predecessors, to secure its rich natural resources.

How long did Japan take over Indonesia?

The Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies began on 10 January 1942, and the Imperial Japanese Army overran the entire colony in less than three months. The Dutch surrendered on 8 March.

Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies.

Japanese-occupied Dutch East Indies Ranryō Higashi Indo 蘭領東印度
Today part of Indonesia East Timor

Why did Japanese invade Indonesia?

Japanese occupation policy had two priorites: firstly, to wipe out Western influence; and secondly, to exploit Indonesia’s economic and human resources for the Japanese war effort[13]. This was achieved through the establishment of the most opressive and devastating regime in Indonesian history[14].

How did the Japanese treat female prisoners of war?

10. Female prisoners of war were raped, deliberately infected with syphilis, and forcibly impregnated for the purpose of scientific research by the Japanese. Although male prisoners of war under the Japanese Empire endured intolerable and sustained abuse, female prisoners equally suffered.

Did Japan colonize Malaysia?

The then British colony of Malaya was gradually occupied by the Japanese between 8 December 1941 and the Allied surrender at Singapore on 16 February 1942. The Japanese remained in occupation until their surrender to the Allies in 1945.

Japanese occupation of Malaya.

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Japanese-occupied Malaya Malai (マライ, Marai)
Today part of Malaysia
World Southeast Asia