How much is bronchoscopy in the Philippines?

How much does a bronchoscopy cost?

The cost of Bronchoscopy in India ranges between USD 1000 to USD 1200. This test is used to diagnose a tumor, a lung disease, a chronic cough and an infection.

How much is the cost of biopsy in the Philippines?


Test Price
Biopsy – small P 500.00
Biopsy – medium 800.00
Biopsy – large 1,000.00
Biopsy – extra large 1,200.00

How much does lung surgery cost in the Philippines?


The Lung Center of the Philippines handles more than a hundred VATS procedures a year. Currently, he estimates that the cost for VATS, which is mainly operating room fees (sans professional fees and hospital room costs) is around P150,000 to P160,000.

Is bronchoscopy a surgery?

Bronchoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure to diagnose problems with your lungs or airways. Doctors use a bronchoscope to look into your windpipe and lungs. They can also attach small tools to the end of the bronchoscope to take samples of tissue for testing.

What are the risks of a bronchoscopy?

What are the risks of bronchoscopy?

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Hole in the airway (bronchial perforation)
  • Irritation of the airways (bronchospasm)
  • Irritation of the vocal cords (laryngospasm)
  • Air in the space between the lung covering (pleural space) that causes the lung to collapse (pneumothorax)
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How much is the PCR test in Philippines?

The cost for an RT-PCR test ranges from PHP1,500 to as high as PHP5,000 in some high-end medical facilities, but the IATF-EID has received reports of those charging up to PHP10,000. At present, the price cap is set at PHP5,000 for private laboratories and PHP3,800 for public laboratories.

How much does chemo cost in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the cost would be around P5,000 per session.

How much does breast biopsy cost in the Philippines?

This normally costs around Php 2,000.00. The other procedure is breast biopsy. This procedure removes a sample of breast tissue that is examined under a microscope to check for breast cancer.

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