Is homestay in Singapore legal?

It is illegal for owners and tenants to rent out their properties for short-term accommodation. This includes renting them out as ‘hotels’, ‘hostels’, ‘motels’, ‘Bed and breakfast’, or ‘Homestays’ to short-term visitors, frequently done through online ‘home-sharing’ platforms.

Singapore has moved to ban short-term home rentals in the city, directly impacting popular ‘alternative accommodation’ companies like Airbnb and HomeAway Asia.

Is it illegal to stay in Airbnb in Singapore?

Is it legal for someone to stay in an Airbnb in Singapore? So far, there are no laws prohibiting guests from staying in Airbnb properties in Singapore. Hence, it is not illegal for guests to stay in any Airbnb properties in Singapore but they should make the bookings at their own risk.

It is currently not illegal for guests to stay in Airbnb properties in Singapore. But given how short-term rentals are illegal in Singapore for property owners (and most Airbnb rentals are short-term rentals), potential Airbnb guests should book their stays at their own risk.

Serviced Apartments (SA) may be allowed in Residential zone and may also be considered on mixed-use sites where residential use may be allowed. Support services such as concierge, housekeeping and/or laundry provided for the residents of Serviced Apartments may be allowed. …

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Can Condo be used for Airbnb?

So Can You Airbnb a Condo? Yes! First, check with your homeowners association and local government/planning and zoning for laws regarding short term rentals.

Can foreigners rent condo in Singapore?

While private properties can be rented out to guests and tourists as long as it’s not shorter than three months, HDB units cannot be leased out to tourists.

Where should I stay in Singapore?

Singapore’s 9 Best Areas To Stay In

  • Orchard Road (black)
  • Colonial / Historic District (green)
  • Marina Bay (blue)
  • The Quays – Clarke, Robertson & Boat (turquoise)
  • Bugis & Kampong Glam (purple)
  • Chinatown (red)
  • Little India (yellow)
  • Sentosa Island (pink)

Is Airbnb profitable in Singapore?

An Singapore host can also earn an average of $5,000 a year from listing their property on Airbnb. However, you are likely to be in breach of Singapore’s housing laws when renting your property out on Airbnb. … HDB flats also cannot be rented to tourists.

Can you put your flat on Airbnb?

When renting on AirBnB, while the website itself does offer some form of insurance, it also expressly states that this doesn’t cover everything. … You must therefore check that your flat complies with all health and safety laws before you can begin letting it out even for a few nights.

Can I rent my property through Airbnb?

In the UK, Airbnb hosts in Greater London are not allowed to let their property for more than 90 days a year. … To rent it out for longer than this, you’re likely to need ‘material change of use’ planning permission for your local authority – and Airbnb will need evidence of this before the limit is extended.

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