Is Indonesian university good?

Indonesia’s universities, colleges, medical schools, engineering schools, and law schools are highly respected and well-known in the education and academic communities, and they continue to offer prestigious Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph. D programmes for smart, driven adventurers like you.

Is it worth studying in Indonesia?

Indonesia is an excellent choice for an international student. You will be getting a high quality education for a reasonable price. Filled with great food, wonderful sights and friendly people, the country has it all. You will find public and private institutions of higher education across Indonesia.

Is University of Indonesia good Quora?

Universitas Indonesia is one of those notable, famous universities in the country and if you’re an Indonesian, naturally you’d expect the greatests from the alumni. And I wouldn’t deny it; the university is great on its education and students’ achievements.

How many universities are there in Indonesia?

In 2020, there were 122 state universities in Indonesia.

Number of state universities in Indonesia from 2013 to 2020.

Characteristic Number of state universities

What is the number 1 university in Indonesia?

Jakarta is home to Universitas Indonesia, the highest-ranked university in the country, as well as many other institutions.

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Which is the cheapest country to study?

10 of the Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad

  1. Norway. …
  2. Taiwan. …
  3. Germany. …
  4. France. …
  5. Mexico. …
  6. India. …
  7. Argentina. …
  8. Poland.

Is English taught in Indonesia?

Formerly a Dutch colony, Indonesia gained independence in 1945. Afterward, the government replaced a Dutch language study with the English language, establishing it as a compulsory subject, beginning in elementary school. Today, most students study English as their primary second language.

What’s wrong with Indonesian education?

Another problem with education in Indonesia is the poor infrastructure, less developed program, low quality teachers. … One reason is the lack of increased teacher capacity and training that can improve teacher understanding of the teaching and learning process.

How can I apply for university in Indonesia?

Application Requirements for Indonesia Universities

  1. Download Admission Form here.
  2. Curriculum Vitae.
  3. Copy of passport.
  4. Statement of financial support.
  5. Personal statement (not to work during the study)
  6. Recommendation letter from applicants institution.
  7. Recommendation letter from Indonesian Embassy in applicants’ country.

How many Indonesian students study abroad?

UNESCO Student Mobility Number: Indonesia has 45,206 students studying abroad.

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