Is unemployment rate in Malaysia high?

Characteristic Unemployment rate
2008 3.34%

Is the unemployment rate high now?

The unemployment rate in most states peaked in April 2020 and since declined. In April 2021, the states with the highest unemployment rates were Hawaii (8.5%), California (8.3%), New Mexico (8.2%), New York (8.2%), and Connecticut (8.1%).

What is the employment rate in Malaysia?

Malaysia’s employment-to-population ratio, which indicates the ability of an economy to create employment, stood at 65.4% in May. Comparing to year-on-year, this year’s ratio is up by 1.0 percentage point (pp) from 64.4% (May 2020).

What is the current unemployment rate 2020?

The seasonally-adjusted national unemployment rate is measured on a monthly basis in the United States. In July 2021, the national unemployment rate was at 5.4 percent.

Monthly unemployment rate in the United States from July 2020 to July 2021 (seasonally-adjusted)

Characteristic Unemployment rate
Jul ’20 10.2%

What country has lowest unemployment?

Lowest Unemployment Rates

  • Qatar: 0.1%
  • Solomon Islands: 0.5%
  • Niger: 0.5%
  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic: 0.6%
  • Cambodia: 0.7%
  • Bahrain: 0.8%
  • Thailand: 0.8%
  • Rwanda: 1%

Where is unemployment the worst?


Rank State Unemployment rate
2 UTAH 3.6

Which city has highest unemployment rate?

As of June 2021, the unemployment rate was highest in the Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV metropolitan area, and stood at 9.6 percent.

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Characteristic Unemployment rate
Birmingham-Hoover, AL 3.4%
Salt Lake City, UT 3.2%

Is 12 unemployment rate high?

After Hawaii, the next highest rates were in New Mexico, 8.0 percent, and California, 7.9 percent.

View Chart Data.

State California
Unemployment rate 7.9
Significantly different from national unemployment rate? Significantly higher than national rate
Number of unemployed 1,489,611
Civilian labor force 18,907,620

Why graduates are unemployed in Malaysia?

Lack of digital skills

While digitalisation created new jobs in Malaysia, most Malaysian fresh graduates lacked the right digital skills to fill those jobs. This has also contributed to the decrease in fresh graduates’ starting salaries in the competitive job market.

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