Question: Did Australia use m16s in Vietnam?

The M16A1 assault rifle was introduced into Australian Army service in 1967 as a section weapon for use by scouts and section commanders. It was used during the Vietnam War by Australian and American forces.

What rifle did snipers use in Vietnam?

The sergeant primarily waged war in Vietnam with one of the new M40 sniper rifles, a modified version of the Model 700 Remington 7.62mm bolt-action rifle that was first introduced in 1966. The early Marine Corps M40s were equipped with Redfield 3-to-9-power scopes. Mawhinney is the son of a World War II Marine veteran.

How far could artillery shoot in Vietnam?

One such artillery piece is the M107 self-propelled howitzer. This 175 mm artillery piece entered service in 1962, alongside the M110, an 8-inch self-propelled howitzer. It could fire shells as far as 25 miles away – and this long range proved very handy during the Vietnam War.

How many artillery shells were fired in Vietnam?

23, 1968, the North Vietnamese slammed 1,307 rounds of artillery, mortar and rocket fire into the Marine base. Although knowing their rounds would fall far short, the Marine gunners fired counter-battery salvos, satisfying, at least psychologically, their desire to hear some outgoing fire.

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