Question: What berries grow in Indonesia?

What kind of fruits grow in Indonesia?

Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman said that currently there are 12 varieties of local fruits of Indonesia that have been recognized as native to Indonesia, namely Bali pomelo tangerine, durian, mango, mangosteen, avocado, pineapple, rambutan, salak, banana, papaya , melon and watermelon, “said Amran.

Do watermelons grow in Indonesia?

Not only that Indonesia is a thriving environment for red watermelon, Indonesia also produces distinctive varieties of watermelon such as yellow watermelon and orange watermelon. A most recent big watermelon producer in Indonesia. The region include Jember, Banyuwangi, Pasuruan, Malang, and Madiun.

Can dates grow in Indonesia?

“Indonesia has the potential to develop tropical palm plantations. … Therefore, when we know there are species of date palms that are able to be grown in tropical areas such as Indonesia, a lot of people will cultivate them, “he said.

Do Mangos grow in Bali?

Mango season in Bali starts in about November and goes on until January or so. You can revel in mango daiquiris, mango smoothies, mango tart, mango gelato, mango salsa or just mango after mango. Mango season, however, has its downside. You may have noticed that with mangoes come flies.

Do lemons grow in Indonesia?

Indonesia is rich in local citrus varieties that can be grouped into mandarin, tangerine, pummelo and others including lime, lemon, Citrus hystrix. … Pummelo such cultivar Nambangan grow well at lowland while planted at highland, the bitter taste will be appeared.

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