What are the O level subjects in Singapore?

What are all the O level subjects?

O Level Subject List – All Subjects of O Level

Subjects Subject Code
Chemistry 5070
Commerce 7100
Commercial Studies 7101
Computer Science 2210

Is Bangla compulsory in O level?

Scholastica’s O’ Level program encourages students to engage, invent, manage and compete – equipping them for eventual success in the public examinations under Cambridge International Examinations. Maths, English Language and Bangla remain core subjects that are mandatory for all students. …

What is credit pass for O Level?

G.C.E. Ordinary Level examination

Grade Scale Grade Description
A 75.00 – 100.00 Distinction
B 65.00 – 74.99 Very Good Pass
C 55.00 – 64.99 Credit Pass
S 40.00 – 54.99 Ordinary Pass

How many marks do you need to pass O Level?

Secondary 3 & 4

Status Grades Marks (%)
GCE O-Level Pass A1 A2 75 & above 70 – 74
GCE O-Level Pass B3 B4 65 – 69 60 – 64
GCE O-Level Pass C5 C6 55 – 59 50 – 54
Below GCE O-Level Pass D7 E8 45 – 49 40 – 44

Is O level better than matric?

The grading system of O levels is much simpler than matriculation as it is according to the international grading system. … O level learning is considered to be much superior due to its international standards. Matric learning framework, is designed by the local Board in Pakistan.

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How can I study O level?

Try the following 6 tips just before the O-Level exams for a clearer mind.

  1. Set Your Body Clock to Your Advantage. …
  2. Plan Your Revision. …
  3. Reward Yourself and Take Breaks. …
  4. Stick to the Tried-and-Tested. …
  5. Look Through Work Before Sleeping. …
  6. Practise Retrieval Techniques.
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