What are the three major river systems of Metro Manila?

In Metro Manila alone, river systems draining into Manila Bay are grouped into three: the MANATUTI River System (Malabon – Navotas – Tullahan – Tinajeros River); the MUNTIPARLASPIZAP* River System (Las Piñas – Parañaque – Zapote River); and the PAMARISAN River System (Pasig – Marikina – San Juan River).

What is biggest river in the world?


  • Nile: 4,132 miles.
  • Amazon: 4,000 miles.
  • Yangtze: 3,915 miles.

What is the biggest watershed in the Philippines?

Of the four sites, the Upper Bukidnon River Basin has the highest coverage area at 446,620 ha. The Upper Chico River Basin covers 405,894 ha; the Lake Lanao Watershed, 138,834 ha; and the Upper Wahig-Inabanga, 62,853 ha.

List of rivers and estuaries in Metro Manila

Name Description
Estero de Trozo Binondo. now part of Estero de San Lazaro
Estero de Tutuban
Estero de Uli-Uli
Estero de Valencia Drains water from Sampaloc and Santa Mesa, Manila. Dumps water to Pasig River.
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