What is the most expensive fruit in Philippines?

Resembling the exotic fruit lanzones, longan has a soft flesh that tastes sweet and tart. Although available all-year round, the longan tree takes at least 3 years to bear fruit making it a more expensive fruit in the Philippines. You can eat longan raw but it is also used in desserts and soups.

How much is mango in Philippines?

Philippines Retail Price: Mango, Carabao: Metro Manila data was reported at 180.000 PHP/kg in 07 Dec 2018. This records an increase from the previous number of 140.000 PHP/kg for 30 Nov 2018.

What is the number 1 selling fruit in the world?

Most Popular Fruits In The World

Rank Fruit 2018 Production (in Million Metric Tons)
1 Tomatoes 182.3
2 Bananas 115.74
3 Watermelons 103.97
4 Apples 86.14

What is the most sour fruit in Philippines?

Soursop is also a known fruit in the Philippines that has many uses. It is called guyabano, a green fruit with barks that has a white fruit flesh with a sour and creamy flavor, like a combination of strawberry-coconut-banana.

How much is grapes in Philippines?

How much is grapes in Philippines? Seedless grapes are now sold at P160 per kilo, up from its previous price of P140 a kilo. Melons are now P35 a piece, and watermelons P70. A kilo of chicos now costs P60 while a kilo of dalandan is P40.

What fruit has the highest brix?

Sugar content is determined by testing for brix (dissolved solids) in fresh fruit, and is measured with a refractometer. The highest brix measurements I’ve seen was in Persimmons. . . .in the high-20s. Grapes can also test very high.

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