What is the most famous ancient temple complex in Cambodia answers?

Angkor Wat is an enormous Buddhist temple complex located in northern Cambodia. It was originally built in the first half of the 12th century as a Hindu temple. Spread across more than 400 acres, Angkor Wat is said to be the largest religious monument in the world.

What is the most famous and Shin temple complex in Cambodia?

Angkor Wat A Khmer term used to describe a temple complex located in the Angkor region built by Suryavarman II in the 12th century. Angkor Wat – meaning ‘city temple’ – is the largest Hindu temple complex, and largest religious monument, in the world.

How was Angkor Wat destroyed?

The cause of the Angkor empire’s demise in the early 15th century long remained a mystery. But researchers have now shown that intense monsoon rains that followed a prolonged drought in the region caused widespread damage to the city’s infrastructure, leading to its collapse.

What religion is practiced in Cambodia?

Cambodia is predominantly Buddhist with 80% of the population being Theravada Buddhist, 1% Christian and the majority of the remaining population follow Islam, atheism, or animism. Buddhist nun at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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