You asked: What can I bring to Singapore?

Seafood, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs. If you’re planning to bring any of these food items, be very careful of the food origin. Only food from approved origin can be brought into Singapore.

What can’t you bring into Singapore?

Prohibited and Controlled Goods

Chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products (for example, electronic cigarettes) Cigarette lighters in the shape of a pistol or revolver. Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances. Firecrackers.

Can I carry food items to Singapore?

Travellers returning to Singapore can carry food products for personal consumption without first obtaining an import permit if: the type of food product is allowed; the amount is within the allowance; … the food products will not be sold commercially.

What should I bring to Singapore?

What to pack

  • Umbrella and rain gear.
  • Bug Spray.
  • SunSmart gear.
  • Heavy-duty deodorant.
  • Swimmers ear medicine.
  • Beware of what you bring into the country.
  • Comfortable, light clothing.
  • Comfortable shoes.

Can I bring supplements to Singapore?

The Health Products Regulation Group of HSA must license all medicinal products imported or sold in Singapore. Health supplements can be imported and sold without a license from HAS and they are not subjected to pre-market approval regulations.

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What medicines are not allowed in Singapore?

Prohibited in Singapore: anti-anxiety pills, sleeping pills and strong painkillers without a licence. Singapore has had a chewing gum ban since 1992 and prohibits medicinal chewing gums such as nicotine.

What food can you bring into Singapore?

Under AVA rules, fresh fruit and vegetables from all countries can be brought into Singapore if they are in “small, reasonable quantities” and “hand-carried for personal consumption”. However, there is an exception for local produce from the American tropics, which includes Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador.

Can I ship coffee to Singapore?

There are special stipulations on the following commodities when shipping to Singapore. … Shipments of cellular telephones are subject to approval from the Infocom Development Authority. Coffee. Shipments are subject to approval from the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority.

Can I bring gold to Singapore?

The Second Minister for Home Affairs (Mr S Iswaran) (for the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Home Affairs): Mdm Speaker, there is no weight limit on the amount of gold and other precious metals that can be transported in and out of Singapore by travellers.

What do ladies wear in Singapore?

Singapore Packing List: Clothing. High humidity is something you will have to combat in Singapore. Pack simple, light, cotton/linen clothing to suit the warm and sticky weather. You can also wear loose summery maxi dresses/skirts for a romantic vibe, or a pair of cropped pants or shorts with tees, tanks, or tunics.

Can you wear jeans in Singapore?

COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT TO WEAR IN SINGAPORE. CAN YOU WEAR TIGHT JEANS? Yes it is perfectly acceptable to wear jeans, however you will probably be too warm and your legs will sweat. They are also difficult to dry if you get caught in a shower.

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Can I carry homeopathic medicine to Singapore?

You can get the required the required homeopathy medicine in SG itself. There are few well-known homeopaths here.

Can I bring protein powder into Singapore?

SINGAPORE – Travellers, many of whom are already confused about carry-on restrictions on liquids and gels, will now have another thing to worry about – powders. … Travellers on these flights are not allowed to carry more than 350ml of “inorganic powders” such as salt, talcum powder or sand in their hand luggage.

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