Your question: How deep is Singapore waters?

Singapore Strait
Basin countries Singapore Malaysia Indonesia
Max. length 114 km (71 mi)
Min. width 16 km (9.9 mi)
Average depth 22 metres (72 ft) (minimum, within the nautical channel)

Why is Singapore called Straits?

Linschoten’s account included detailed instructions for sailing through Keppel Harbour. Historically, the name Singapore Strait was applied to a number of maritime routes through the waterway linking the Melaka Strait and the South China Sea.

Is Singapore hotter than India?

But as a general rule of thumb, there is about a 50 degree range of temperature in India. In other words, during winters, temperatures can descend to 10ºC (50ºF). And in the summer, temperatures can climb as high as 40ºC (104ºF). … But overall, Singapore appears to be hotter throughout the entire year than India is.

What is the capital of Singapore?


Republic of Singapore show 3 other official names
Anthem: Majulah Singapura (English: “Onward Singapore”) Menu 0:00
Capital Singapore 1°17′N 103°50′ECoordinates: 1°17′N 103°50′E
Official languages English Malay Mandarin Tamil
National language Malay

When did Singapore get freedom?

Singapore became an independent republic on 9 August 1965.

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