Your question: What is a good gift for a Vietnamese family?

What should I bring to a Vietnamese house?

When visiting a Vietnamese home, bring a gift for the hostess. A gift for children or an elderly parent is also appreciated.


  • The Vietnamese dress very well.
  • For business, men should wear conservative but casual suits and ties.
  • Women should wear a conservative dress or a businesslike blouse and pants.

What do parents get for Vietnamese New Year?

The popular presents are cookies, chocolates, fruit baskets, wine, soft drinks or other kinds of treats. Usually, people can buy a pack of gifts in the shops which includes many different kinds of food. If you have a Vietnamese business partner, take this opportunity to enhance the relationships.

What are the gifts in Vietnam which are considered unlucky?

10+ Gifts You Should Never, Ever Give Vietnamese people

  • Shoes.
  • Sharp items.
  • Handkerchief.
  • Suitcases.
  • Underwear.
  • Rings.
  • Money.
  • Empty wallet.

What gifts do Vietnamese girls like?

Read more about Vietnamese Gifts Etiquettes – the ultimate guide to gifting in Vietnam.

  • Chocolate. There is no need to write so much about chocolates because they are the top gifts on Valentine’s day. …
  • Roses and other flowers. …
  • Books. …
  • Movie tickets. …
  • Vouchers. …
  • Stuffed animals. …
  • Jewelry. …
  • Cosmetics.
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What is a traditional Vietnamese gift?

Popular gifts include infant formulas, products from salangane nests, ginseng products, fruits, etc. Healthy foods such as infant formulas are good gifts when you visit patients in hospitals in Vietnam. Traditionally, Vietnamese people usually make traditional cakes and desserts on free days.

Do Vietnamese celebrate new year?

Tet Nguyen Dan, shortened to Tet, is Vietnam’s Lunar New Year and is the most important annual celebration and public holiday in Vietnam spanning nine days. Tet celebrates the beginning of a new year as well the coming of spring.

What is considered rude in Vietnam?

Speaking in a loud tone with excessive gestures is considered rude, especially when done by women. To show respect, Vietnamese people bow their heads and do not look a superior or elder in the eye. To avoid confrontation or disrespect, many will not vocalize disagreement.

What number is bad luck in Vietnamese?

“Today is the 17th of the Lunar Calendar; seven is an unlucky number so this is an unlucky day!”

Is it rude to leave food in Vietnam?

And it’s considered impolite if you leave the table when others have finished their meal. Show your respect by talking with them or helping to serve dessert if you have finished your meal. Vietnamese style of dining is similar to other Asian countries.

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