Frequent question: Did they spray Agent Orange in Thailand?

Even though the VA uses the term Agent Orange on its Thailand exposure webpage, it has never admitted that actual Agent Orange was sprayed in Thailand, rather, some sort of tactical herbicides were sprayed.

Did Agent Orange affect Thailand?

In Thailand, Agent Orange was used to clear the jungle around bases, as a means to enhance security. However, there was a terrible consequence: Exposure to Agent Orange resulted in cancer, birth defects, and other significant ailments. Public outcry and official investigations followed.

Is there a U.S. army base in Thailand?

As of 2010, up to 113 military personnel in Thailand are stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok. Thailand, once called Siam, cooperated with the U.S. government and was an important center for the United States during the Vietnam war, as troops often stopped here before moving on to battle in Vietnam.

Is there a blood test for Agent Orange?

As of 2018, there is no medical test for Agent Orange exposure. However, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a free health exam to qualifying veterans.

Does Agent Orange cause neurological disorders?

Exposure to Agent Orange may cause nerve damage. In fact, one of the conditions for which the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) presumes service connection due to Agent Orange exposure is peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy results from damage to the peripheral nerves.

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What is the average compensation for Agent Orange?

During its operation, the Settlement Fund distributed a total of $197 million in cash payments to members of the class in the United States. Of the 105,000 claims received by the Payment Program, approximately 52,000 Vietnam Veterans or their survivors received cash payments which averaged about $3,800 each.

Is paraquat the same as Agent Orange?

Paraquat also known as Gramoxone as its trade name, has been implicated in the death of about 1,000 people every year in Vietnam. … Meanwhile, 2,4-D was one of the two different active herbicide ingredients in Agent Orange, used extensively by the United States in Vietnam during the war from 1961 to 1971.

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