You asked: What FDA does in Myanmar?

The Department of Food and Drug Administration (Burmese: အစားအသောက်နှင့် ဆေးဝါးကွပ်ကဲရေး ဦးစီးဌာန; abbreviated FDA) is Burma’s food safety regulatory body, which oversees the safety and quality of food, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics.

How do I get food approved by the FDA in Myanmar?

Registration Procedure

  1. To apply name registration for assessment fees ( It will take 10 days or 14 days )
  2. After getting assessment fees documents from FDA, to remit assessment fees on Monday and Wednesday only at FDA. …
  3. After remitting the assessment fees, to apply FDA permit ( It will take 14 days )

Why was the fda established?

Founded to protect consumers from adulterated and misbranded food and drugs, the agency’s role is now supported by approximately 9,100 people. The history of the US Food and Drug Administration traces back to a single chemist in the US Department of Agriculture in 1862.

What is DIAC Myanmar?

Original Drug Importation Approval Certificate ( DIAC ) issued by Myanmar Food and Drug Board of Authority of import applied company.

Who is the head of the FDA?

How many companies are there in Myanmar?

Myanmar Number of Registered Companies data was reported at 93,935.000 Unit in 2018. This records an increase from the previous number of 80,936.000 Unit for 2017. Myanmar Number of Registered Companies data is updated yearly, averaging 26,769.000 Unit from Mar 1991 to 2018, with 21 observations.

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How do I check if my company is registered in Myanmar?

Sign In to the Registry

Using MyCO you can register your company and find information on all companies that are registered in Myanmar. Searching for companies in MyCO is simple and free. Simply use the Company Name or Registration Number in the section below to start.

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